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12 June 2020

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One of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Serbia (and at a cost of over €400m also one of the most expensive), after nearly eight years of planning and three years of construction the massive Ada Bridge was opened to the public at the stroke of midnight on 31 December 2011. Forever changing the skyline of Belgrade, the structure is the largest single pylon suspension bridge in the world, with separate spans of 376m, 338m and 250m and a height of some 200m. Originally envisaged by urban planners as far back as 1923, the bridge will now form the centrepiece of the city’s new Inner City Semi-Ring Road, which will help divert traffic from city centre with three vehicle lanes, one tram track and one pedestrian/cycling lane in each direction. Already featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel’s popular series Build It Bigger, the bridge figures to become an essential tourist attraction in the years to come.


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