Hotel Nevski

12 June 2020

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The biggest Belgrade open-air market is a vibrant place which valiantly fights off competition from supermarkets. Besides the obvious fresh fruits, veggies, meat, eggs, fish and seafood, honey, pickles and craftwork, you will find national delicacies such as sir (cottage cheese) and kajmak (clotted cream). Take a walk through colourful stands, chat with the vendors and you will be offered to taste fruits, cheese or prosciutto for free, and you will learn that fruits and veggies of perfect shape and colour, straight from greenhouses, ‘that have not seen the light of day’ are haughtily disdained and those with a beautifully fresh scent, sold by elderly women in headscarves, are vastly preferred. The green market is lined with bakeries, pastry houses, restaurants and small shops. Try and visit this wonderful green market before the end of the year as proposed renovations aim to make it look like a supermarket with a glass facade.


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