Open Heart Street 2019

Hotel Nevski

10 January 2019

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On Tuesday, January 1, 2019, from 12.00 to 20.00, the manifestation Open Heart Street 2019 will be held under the slogan “My Belgrade Heart Has”.

Traditionally, as every year, Belgraders will celebrate the New Year on January 1 with their dear guests and friends, neighbors and fellow citizens in the “Open Heart Street”, which invites them to help all together in the New Year from the heart to those who receive help most needed.

The open heart street is one of the manifestations that has long since exceeded the boundaries of Belgrade and has become a recognizable brand that promotes the most humane values ​​of our capital and its openness.

It was created half a century ago in “Srpska kafana” when Actress 212 actors changed roles with waiters and served the guests on the first day of New Year. From this unusual gathering, Belgrade’s holiday that connects culture and economy, joy, magic and humanity arose. Since 1988, it has officially entered the calendar of the most important manifestations of the city of Belgrade, through which more than 100,000 people pass through.

The open-hearted street, open to all Belgraders and guests of Belgrade, is conceived as a celebration of humanity, as the “opening” of the heart of our city, but also as an opportunity for the humanity of all who participate in this manifestation to help someone.

Open heart street 2019: city guest

An open heart street 2019 will host a city from Serbia. In this way, they will become hosts at home and will have the opportunity to approach and present Belgrade, its cultural, economic, culinary and all other unique peculiarities to Belgraders and guests of Belgrade.

Officially, the representative of the city of Belgrade will present a symbolic representative of the city of the guest “Heart of Belgrade” and in this way will openly open this year’s Open Heart Street.

With song, music, street entertainers, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, theater artists and numerous attractions, everyone will be able to join a humanitarian action and start 2019 in the most beautiful way: helping those who need help most – our children both in Belgrade and in guest city!

In this way, we will symbolically send messages of love and solidarity with the desire that all children who need our help, our embrace, understanding and warmth – live carelessly.



Open heart street 2019: Clown doctors

This year the Open Heart Street will be dedicated to the project Clown Doctors.

These unusual doctors help the little ones to more easily stay in hospitals. The Clown Doctors Project was launched in 2003 by the organization “The Bridge of Life”, and was officially approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Serbia.

By buying and carrying a clown nose, all Belgraders and guests of the Open Heart Street will become part of a humanitarian action that brings hope, joy and a smile to the sick children on the face of the youngest inhabitants of Serbia. Thus the open heart of the street will be turned into carnival – red nose.

Music and entertainment program will be performed in front of Atelje 212, Radio Belgrade, Stari Grad Municipality and Skadarlija.

The organizers of this event are the City of Belgrade, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade and the City Municipality of Stari grad.

Open heart street 2019 – main event

Svetogorska street, part of Makedonska street (from Takovska to the building of the Youth Center in Belgrade) and Skadarlija will be the main city event in Belgrade. The points are: piazza in front of the building of the Municipality of Stari grad, a space in front of the building of Radio Belgrade, in front of the house of “Đura Jakšić” in Skadarlija .

Right at noon, after the New Year’s congratulations and the delivery of the “Heart of Belgrade”, a small fireworks “opens” this year’s Open Heart Street. From the building of the theater, performers come out and start their traditional sting, creating a unique carnival procession full of music and games that symbolically launch the Open Heart Street. Then the main program is launched at the piazza of Atelje 212.

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